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The Regalia and sale items items listed below were all executed and produced by the Worldwide 100M Le Mans Registry with the guidance of Registry Advisors Gerry Coker, Brian Healey, Roy Jackson-Moore and John Wheatley. All income from sale of these items is used to further develop the Austin-Healey 100M Le Mans Registry, its activities and programs. All purchases are in U.S. dollars and must be paid with paypal or personal checks drawn on U.S. banks. Include shipping charges in the payment and make payable to Bill Meade, 533 Cedar Drive., Watsonville, CA 95076 (except for shirts and car renderings). Please note that outside US, shipping cost will be adjusted based on the location.




Your Own Car’s Colors on Emblem

Long time 100M Registry member, Bill OBrien has developed a beautiful insignia shirt exclusively for members of the Worldwide 100M Le Mans Registry. The shirt commemorates the Twentieth Anniversary of the 100M Registry founding.

Embroidered on each shirt above the pocket, is a highly detailed, full-color 100M car, the 100M insignia and the name of the Worldwide 100M Registry. The shirts are high-quality, 100% cotton twill short or long-sleeve with button-down dress collar. The insignia embroidery is done in the USA. All profits go to the operation of the 100M Registry.

You may order the car emblem in your own car’s colors, either two-tone or single color.

SHIRT SIZES AVAILABLE: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. 2x Large, long or short sleeve.

SHIRT COLORS AVAILABLE: Faded Blue, Khaki, Burgundy, Faded Olive and Denim.

CAR COLORS: All stock Austin-Healey Colors are available, either in two-tone or single color. Interior colors of Black, Red, Blue and Tan are available. You may order the car emblem in your own car’s colors.

PRICING: All shirt sizes shipped within the U.S. are $61 including shipping; shirts shipped to Canada are $73 including shipping and all other countries are $79 including shipping.

ORDERING: Fill in the order form at the bottom and mail to address shown with your check payment. Buyers outside the U.S. will need to use Paypal. (We will send you a Paypal invoice to pay by credit card.)

Below are examples of a number of the shirt colors and car colors:

The 100M Registry Founder, Bill Meade, proudly
displays this handsome Registry 100M Anniversary
shirt while on a Club Drive.

Shirt Order Form (PDF)

New Cutaway Drawing of 100M

A new, cutaway, cross sectional drawing of the Austin-Healey 100M done by the renowned computer artist, David Townsend, is now available. You will be amazed by the accuracy of every detail within the car’s mechanicals. The drawing is made up of hundreds of layers which reveal the chassis, engine, transmission, suspension, interior, etc.
This drawing was developed for our members at the request of the Worldwide 100M Registry. It is printed on acid-free, archival quality paper in stunning 3000 dpi detail. A small donation will be go to the Registry from the artist for every print ordered.
This rendering will be an immediate collectors item and only a small, limited number will be printed. Gerry Coker, the car’s body designer, has personally reviewed the drawing and will sign all “Collector’s Edition” prints. Each print is also numbered and signed by the artist.
As a member of the 100M Registry, you can receive a $10 discount on all prints you order by simply using the code “100rmdiscount” when you order. It’s available in two versions, standard or Collector’s Edition.
The “standard” print is available in 24” width for $125 or a 36” for $165 (no options). The rendering of this car will be finished in Old English White over Black (see drawing below). There is no personalized chassis number plate and no Coker signature on this print.
The “Collector’s Edition” is $165 for a 24” width or $195 for a 36”. With the Collector’s Edition, you can select any factory body colors and accessories to represent your own personal car. Your print will also have the chassis plate shown with your own car’s number and also be signed by Gerry Coker’s, the car’s body designer.

Standard print is in Old English White over Black with Black Interior.

“Collector’s Edition” shown here in Reno Red over Black with Red interior. Your print will show your car’s colors plus your chassis number plate and Gerry Coker’s signature. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist.

To order your print go to www.sportscarart.com and proceed to the 100M section for ordering. Don’t forget to enter the “100rmdiscount” code at the end of the ordering process for your $10 Registry membership discount.


Identification Guideline Book:

This 24 page booklet illustrated with 30 photos, lists and discusses all 18 points of special modifications made to the factory built Austin-Healey 100M Le Mans limited production performance cars. This publication is a must for anyone planning to search for and identify a factory 100M. It is also critical for anyone restoring a 100M or converting a 100 to Le Mans specification. Price: $35, shipping $6.

100M Registry Grille Badge:

Gerry Coker, the cars body designer, personally styled this grille badge for the 100M Registry. Each badge carries his signature. These badges are limited to purchase by members of the Registry with cars. There production is limited and you don't want to let this collectors item slip by you. The design reflects the red M, the Healey lightening bolt, a racing flag and British racing green background. Price $49, shipping $6

100M Registry Jacket Patch:

This seven color, 3 1/2 inch Registry Jacket Patch is based on Gerry Coker's personal Badge design. It includes the red M, racing flag and a classic 100M car in the center. Members wear these on wind breakers, sport coats, sweaters, jackets, rugby shirts and even luggage. Can be sewn to front pockets for a classy look or to sholder sleeve for a sporty look. Let everyone know you own a rare and special performance classic. Price: $20, shipping $6 (One free with each membership)

100M Photo Restoration Set:

Thes set of 32 close-up photos of a factory 100M with body removed, shows many little details of which you may never have been aware. The pictures were taken as the car was about 95% complete. This set will by no means answer every question you have, but it is an important addition to the information needed to do a good restoration. Price: $25, shipping $6

paint paint
100M Two Tone Paint Profile:

The factory 100M was produced with three profiles of the paint curve at the front wheel opening. The early 100's with smaller front wheel opening had no curve but a dividing line, tangent to the top of the wheel opening. Only a few early cars with BN1 fenders had this style. Second, a few very early cars with the later BN2 fenders had a small 1 inch radius curve. This was not very attractive and Gerry Coker designed an oval curve to compliment the cars body shape for the majority of 100M's produced. This template is that correct profile. It has been confirmed on a number of original cars. Price $20, shipping $6

strap paint
100 M Regulation Le Mans Bonnet Strap:

This top quality heavy leather bonnet strap has been constructed by hand by leather craftsman especially for the 100M Registry. The belt set includes the spare tire belt and both were made according to exact drawings from original 100M cars. Many reproduction belts commonly available are lighter weight leather, the wrong length and do not have the correct hand stiching. This belt comes with correct chrome buckles and can be unfinished or oiled finish. Allow 60 days for individual hand production. Price: $190, shipping $13


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